For the ultimate opportunity to see the Grand Canyon by land, water, and air, nothing beat’s Tour Limo Coach’s Grand Canyon West Rim bus, helicopter, boat tour and Skywalk experience. This package offers you the most value for your entertainment budget and ensures that you will have an adventure that produces lifelong memories.

You will board our luxury tour bus in Las Vegas to begin your 125-mile journey to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.  Our buses feature comfortable individual seats with arm, foot, and head rests, a restroom, air conditioning, and huge observation windows so you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Southwest United States during your ride.

After crossing the Nevada-Arizona border via the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, your driver will make a brief stop on the Arizona side. There you may exit the bus for spectacular photo opportunities of the bridge and Hoover Dam.

After arriving at the Grand Canyon, you will have approximately four hours to enjoy the additional tour activities and explore the area on your own. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the views as well as the free entertainment at Hualapai Ranch. This is the ultimate Grand Canyon 4-in-1 tour.

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus, Skywalk, Helicopter & Boat Tour price includes:

– Helicopter ride to the canyon floor, 4,000 feet below the rim. All helicopters feature front-facing passenger seats and wrap around windows for unobstructed views. Please note that FAA regulations require children to sit in their own seats for this flight.

– A Colorado River boat ride offering stunning views of the surrounding vista from a unique perspective.

– Skywalk Experience – Stepping out onto this U-shaped observation platform with nothing but a few inches of glass between your feet and the canyon floor 4,000 feet below, may be the most daring thing you’ve done in a while.

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