Red Rock State Park

For an outdoor destination getaway that won’t take all day to get to, a Red Rock Canyon limo tour offers a fun and exciting way to get close to nature.

The Red Rock National Conservation Area is just a short drive from the bright lights of Las Vegas but when you’re there you will feel like you are in another world.  Here is where you will find magnificent red rock formations, petrified sand dunes, sandstone walls reaching as high as 3,000 feet and plenty of ideal spots for hiking and rock climbing.

Historians believe that up to six different Native American tribes have inhabited this region with the oldest — the Paleo-Indians — dating back to 11,000 BC. The Anasazi are believed to have settled in the area from 1 AD to 1150. The Southern Paiutes have lived here since 900. Observant hikers may stumble across petroglyphs on the rocks, as well as remnants of ancient roasting pits.

The area is home to some 600 species of plants, including Mojave yucca, Joshua trees, and creosote. The area is also teeming with wildlife that thrives in the arid desert environment, including rabbits, ground squirrels, lizards, rattlesnakes, turtles, burros, and wild horses.

The scenic loop is a one-way 13-mile paved road with access to many of the dozens of hiking trails ranging in difficulty level from easy to strenuous. To learn more about the Red Rock area, ask your driver to stop at the Visitor Center, where you’ll find trail maps, interpretive displays, and a souvenir shop. While you’re there, say hi to Mojave Max, the huge desert tortoise that lives at the Visitor Center and has become Red Rock Canyon’s official mascot and “spokes-tortoise.”

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